2018.07 Last Supper2018.07 Haggin Museum2017.12.31 NYE Sabor2017.11.18 Rugby2017.09 Bern & Beg2017.09 Atlas Rev2017.09 Atlas Project2017.09 ARSOL2017.08-09 US Open2017.06 OCON2017.05.20 Ava's Bat Mitzvah2017.03.25 Rugby2017.02.04 Rugby2016.12.31 NYE2016.07 Touching The Art2015.12.31 NYE2015.07 OCON2015.04.18 Murder at Studio Paradise Mystery Party2015.02.01 Boogie Nights2015.01.01 Sabor2014.12.31 NYE2014.12 Rugby2014.11.01 Oktoberfest2014.10 FRFC2014.9 Lee2014.08.22 Boston Tea Party Opera2014.05.31 Iza2014.03 Rugby - Buc2014.02 Tyra & Friends2013.12.27 East Party2013.12.18 Bond Party Shoot2013.12.07 Rugby - FRFC vs Cuckoos2013.10 FRFC2013.10  Roaring 20's2013.10  Oktoberfest2013.09 Montreal2013.07 Wiegand Fest2013.04.28 Bindi Birthday2013.04.06 Birthday2013.03.23 Rugby2013 MKcTi2013 Indian Wells2012.12.15 Sals2012.12 MKcTi2012.09.06 Sushi Josh2012.02.19 Producers2012.02 Rugby FRFC2012.02 Canal House Volundarson2012.01.07 MSC Grounded2012.01 Rugby FRFC2011.12.31 NYE2011.12 MKCTi2011.08 Kwan Yin 20112011.07.04 OCON2011.07 Bahamian Brewery2011.05 Lux2011.03.26 Rugby - Freeport vs Bailou2011.02.26 Subway Tennis2011.02 Bond is Back2010.12 MKCTi2010.12 Mark Knowles Celebrity Tennis2010.11.20 Waugh Other2010.11.20 Waugh Construction 45th Anniversary Event2010.10. GBCH Event2010.10 Cain2010.08 Kwan Yin 20102010.05.30 AMC Bash2010.02.22 Subway Tennis2010.02.06 Red Hot Coutre Party2009.12.13 Henning Roast2009.12 Mark Knowles Celebrity Tennis2009.11.20 View To A Thrill2009.10.18 High Rock2009.08 Miss Universe Swimsuit Presentation2009.08 Kwan Yin2009.05 Labyrinth @ Groves2009.01 GB Children's Home Mardi Gras2008.11 Rugby: Freeport 25 Cuckoo’s 222008.11 FRFC Halloween2008.10 Kane2008.09 US Open2008.08 Kwan Yin2007.08 Kwan Yin2007.05.11. O Party2007 GB Children's Home 70's Fundraiser